Encountering Books & Stories

Books & Stories! Yes, it is our work, but even more, it is our passion!

Reading is an experience! When you open the cover and enter a book, a journey begins albeit one of fiction or one of truth. Yet, many times, no matter the genre, you discover a bit of both along the way! There are certain books that enter your heart and stay with you long after you close the cover. Oh, those are the best journey; the kind that leaves you different than when you entered the book! It does not happen with every book and may even only happen once, but that experience stirs an expectancy and hope in you for each new book encounter. You open the book wondering: “Will this one spark a personal connection and speak to my soul?”

As you seek out and read more books you encounter joy; you laugh; you cry; you thunder; you grow; you travel; and you meet new friends! Even while reading nonfiction books; you encounter many of the same. Even when it appears different on the surface, our human emotions and background experiences become engaged by the writer’s words. Words speak!

The written word impacts and influences in many distinct ways and our understanding is filtered through our personal lens creating a layered result. Initially, you read and understand the general summation of the story or text. Then while within it, the words and the crafted content evoke a personal emotive response. This is where the word elevates reading from just a task into an experience! Those wondrous, amusing, tragic or triumphant journeys are ones not so easily forgotten- therein lies the magic of books & stories!

Our goal is to bring you a renewed love of book & stories! We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

3d book display image of Historical Places of Warrenton

New Release!

Local author, James Brown has succeeded again! He has created a walking tour in a book of Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. With its detailed drawings and thorough research, this book will introduce you to the many historical places located throughout this small town.

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