Meet Author – James Brown

James Brown is a father, husband and Navy veteran who loves Christmas!

In 2013, James became involved in the Christmas performer industry. Since then, he has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers. Next, James embarked on a quest to further his knowledge of Christmas. He spent numerous hours researching, correlating data, and speaking with historians about Christmas. His quest culminated in his popular book, Beyond the Beard.

After retiring from active duty in the Navy, James transitioned to working in the government. During his military service, James acquired the “Keep It Simple” philosophy and he readily applies it to his research method and writing style. He seeks the facts, striving to share his passion of history with his readers. In 2023, James was nominated and subsequently awarded author of year by Piedmont Lifestyle Magazine.

Check out this article featuring James to learn even more about him.

3d book display image of Historical Places of Warrenton

New Release!

Local author, James Brown has succeeded again! He has created a walking tour in a book of Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. With its detailed drawings and thorough research, this book will introduce you to the many historical places located throughout this small town.

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